Viewing Capture Regions in UCSC Genome Browser

The UCSC Genome Browser provides a simple but powerful interface for viewing genomic regions. We recommend uploading queried oligonucleotide capture regions to the Genome Browser if you wish to explore the coverage afforded by different enzymes or genomic features (such as segmental duplications) that may affect the capture reaction. To view the capture regions as tracks in the UCSC Genome Browser, please follow the steps below:

  • After querying a region or set of target regions using the Query Capture Seqs page, click on the View Bed File button to download a bed formatted file for display in the UCSC Genome Browser
  • Go to the UCSC Genome Browser Gateway page ( and select Feb. 2009 (GRCh37 / hg19) as the genome assembly
  • Click the "add custom tracks" button (located below the assembly selection)
  • Click "add custom tracks" once again on the Custom Track page, select the oligo track file saved above, then click "Submit" to upload it
  • Click "go to genome browser". This will display the set of exported oligonucleotide capture regions in the UCSC Genome Browser, with each enzyme represented by a different color